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SecureMyPlace provides its client with Smart and Innovative Wireless Burglar Alarm for Home and Business Security. Secure your loved ones and valuable from any possible intrusion by installing smart wireless burglar alarms and CCTV cameras. SMP is specialized in providing and installing Wireless Burglar Alarms and security Cameras services in Slough, Reading, and covers most of west London areas. For installation of Wireless intruder/burglar alarm please call our representative by clicking the Dial Now Button..

Have you been looking to update your security system to better secure your love ones or business?

Burglar alarms a robust and scalable solution using Z-Wave, Wi-Fi, and cellular 2G or 3G capabilities. Significantly, A range of wireless burglar alarm, doorbell security solutions, that we have assembled to make the selection of complete burglar alarm systems. Therefore, Millions across the United Kingdom now depend on burglar alarms as an effective way to protect. For customized security options, you can choose from a wide variety of burglar alarm system.

Crime in your area

For instant, Burglaries and Intrusion recorded by police rises by 19% in the UK. Similarly, The ratio of crime is increasing surprisingly high in UK; according to recent data recorded by police shows that burglaries and intrusions have risen by 19% which is a very alarming situation. Keeping in view the crimes, Wireless Burglar alarms have become popular in demand in stores and other businesses.
Household valuables are as much important as businesses’ valuables are; that’s the reason that burglar alarm system is getting so popular among private households which keeps their valuables and loved ones out of harms way.

Home Security is a worry for many Britons, with a 22% increase in police recorded burglaries comparing to last year. West Yorkshire named as the UK’s worst area for burglaries. According to the research, burglars are more active during the darker months of the year and 71% of burglaries take place in dark and long nights in the year.

Above all, 89% of homes now have some sort of security arrangements in place. Ranging from basic structural changes to ‘bells-only’ type burglar alarms .  Similarly, The overwhelming majority of those with burglar alarms have ‘bells-only’ type alarms which, while effective forty years ago. With the police recommending that people do not attend the scene of a ringing burglar alarm. For instance, 92% of passers-by not taking any action such as calling for help upon hearing an alarm.  Therefore, Updating your current burglar alarm to a wireless burglar alarm is highly recommended to ensure your home’s safety and we offer a number of options to choose from. 

What are wireless burglar alarms?

Wireless Burglar Alarm is a device that emits a loud noise when someone is entering a premise without permission. Furthermore, sensors placed on the doors of a home ensure that every possible way of getting into a home is protected. Significantly, Our wireless burglar alarm models can detect movement or opening of windows and doors in a home. Where most intruders enter a property.

Wireless burglar alarms are the cutting edge in home and business security. Secure Your World by using smart technology to effectively defend your home or business. Secure My Place offers wireless burglar alarms that ensure a greater degree of protection than offered by traditional burglar alarms.  With a much greater deal of convenience and flexibility. Due to the lack of wiring and the alarm’s ability to work with home automation products. Now that, Wireless burglar alarm is innovation in home security. Ultimately, Our wireless burglar alarms are able to thoroughly cover all access points into your home or business. Picking up visuals as well as vibrations and presence. In order to respond proactively to prevent or stop any attempted intrusion.

Secure Your World using wireless burglar alarms and cameras

Security Assessment

According to London’s Metropolitan Police survey of ex-burglars, you’re less likely to become a victim of burglary. In fact, if you have a well-fitted and well-maintained burglar alarm system. That means fitting one is a worthwhile investment. The best burglar alarm for your home depends on your personal preferences. Your budget, where you live, what your home is like, and what level of protection and response you’re after. Significantly, Using smart security systems is the ultimate way to ensure that you deter and detect any burglars.

Burglar alarm

Wireless burglar alarms are the ideal choice for home security, leaving behind both the hassle and physical vulnerabilities. Frequently, Our smart wireless burglar alarms are able to connect up to home automation products. 
In general ,it is active to protect themselves from any attempts to defeat them or tamper with them. Secure My Place can rest assured that you are protected at all times. Cameras can work alongside a wireless burglar alarm to provide evidence in the case of any attempted intrusion.  They, on their own, act as an effective deterrent against any would-be intruder.

Customer Relations

At SMP wireless burglar Alarms, our highest priority is customer satisfaction. We always go the extra mile for you and your property. The burglar security alarm system is an integrated security system. That uses the most innovative technology to guarantee protection for all types of homes and businesses. Especially, our wireless burglar Alarms System combines different types of devices designed to protect your home/business and keep out burglars. Burglar alarm strategy has a triple objective to prevent intrusions, detect intrusions. However, SMP provides fast and efficient security solutions to any incident suffered by Verisure customers.

Customer Satisfication

SMP endeavor to provide a highly personal service to ensure that your home security or business security needs are met in their entirety. Our aim to support you and Secure Your World from the very beginning in designing your security solution system. Shortly, Secure My Place work very closely with our customers to ensure that they feel safe. Indeed, we have peace of mind at all times. To guarantee our installations’ effectiveness, Verisure evaluates each customer’s needs, considering the individual risks and characteristics associated with each property. 

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