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Alarm Accessories

Secure My Place offers you the best security solutions at affordable rates. Introducing Ajax Burglar alarms. Our Ajax Burglar alarm components are high functioning and extremely reliable security solutions. We offer the best of the best here at Secure My Place, and that is why you can trust us to deliver just the right products for you. Buy our ready-made, tailored-to-your-needs Ajax wireless Burglar Alarm Kits, or buy Ajax security essentials to build Ajax Burglar alarm kit that you need.


Ajax security is a leading brand in home security solutions and we are their proud distributors. Below is a summary of Ajax security essentials.

  • SENSORS – a wide variety of smart devices for you.
  • Ajax FireProtect
  • Ajax LeakProtect
  • Ajax Door Contacts
  • Ajax Motion Sensors
  • Ajax CombiProtect and many more.
  • HUBs – smart security sentinels.
  • Key fobs and touch keypads

We also offer Ajax smart plugs and switches which are excellent tools for automation. These smart plugs and switches are all wireless, easy to install and give you complete authority over your appliances. They also present you with a summary of power usage by each of your appliances – in real-time! All these tools are at your disposal so start to build your Ajax Burglar alarms today!

These alarm accessories help you set up your security with renowned Ajax products. They also let you improve your already installed Ajax home security system. All the products offered at Secure My Place use high quality Jeweller radio communication method. This ensures a fast, reliable, and tamper-proof communication between your security components. These products pair up with your mobile phone and your security control panel in seconds and provide real-time notifications. These alarm accessories are extremely handy and unimaginably easy to use. Click on these products and see for yourself why we boast about them!

Our security essentials and burglar alarm packages are all meant for your security. Each one of these security components is efficient and reliable. Take a tour of our PRODUCTS to learn more about each one of these individually. Buy our Ajax Burglar alarm kits today, or you buy individual security components and build Ajax Burglar Alarm now!

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