Alarms and Camera Products

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Secure My Place offers plenty of security alarms and camera products for your property. Be it your house or your office, you will find security products at Secure My Place that suit your needs. Our security alarms and camera Products are high-functioning, reliable, and tamper-free security essentials that enhance your personal security by a thousandfold.

Alarms and Camera Products

The modern world security is highly dependent on technology, and in this need of technology Secure My Place offers high-quality intruder alarm products that can help not only provide security but also provide you with the tools to control and modify your security while also giving you the necessary tools to personalize and automate your security in a proper way.

If you do not own an intruder alarm product for your property, or if you are just starting out to make changes and you are not sure where to start, let us give you a brief summary of what security of the modern world looks like – and what you need to get started.

Alarms and Camera Products

Intruder/Burglar  Alarm Kits

Our burglar alarm kits include a wide range of burglar alarm systems including various CCTV products, NVR products, and Alarm Accessories. These products can be bought individually as well as with a premium package tailored to meet your property’s needs. These tailored security packages range from providing security for flats to providing security for isolated properties such as Banglows.

Camera products

Camera products include CCTV cameras of various sorts. Some are wireless which run on internal batteries, others are solar powered cameras. Most of these cameras are IP cameras that ensure fast, safe, and reliable transfer of data. These CCTV products are designed to be discrete and durable. Learn more about these by visiting our wifi security camera products.

NVR products

NVR products are network video recorders that help record your camera’s stream. These video footage can be used for several purposes later on. NVR products help increase your camera storage. You can learn more about them when you visit our NVR products.

Doorbell products

We also offer doorbell camera products which are the first step to enhancing security at your doorstep. These doorbells allow 2 way communication and live stream of whoever is on your doorstep. They connect to your mobile via a smart application and provide you with notifications in real time. Find out more about these doorbell products by clicking the doorbells above.

Alarm Accessories

If you already have an alarm system, or you are looking to upgrade your system, we also provide Alarm Accessories. These accessories are sure to enhance your security to a new level. Find out what products are helpful for you by visiting Alarm Accessories.

Buy our premium intruder alarm products and other security essentials from Secure My Place and start your journey towards security and automation today!

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