IP Cameras and Network Video Recorder

Get the best IP security cameras for your security and pair them up with our Network Video Recorders (NVR) to enjoy the maximum security you can get. Secure My Place is offering top-of-the-line IP security cameras which are bound to provide you with an unparalleled level of security.


SMP Wifi security cameras are smart, efficient cameras that use Internet Protocol (IP) as a mode of transmission for all their data. This means that they convert all the analogue data they record into digital form and then propel it forwards, towards the Central Monitoring Station, using the internet. Simply put – IP security cameras record whatever is happening and send the footage to its destination using your internet.

IP Cameras

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3 Megapixel
Compact Camera

ip security camera SMP

2 Megapixel Indoor Camera

IP Cameras

Mini Network Dome Camera

SMP-8 Megapixel H.265 IP Mini Eyeball

8 Megapixel H.265 IP Mini Eyeball

ip security camera

Indoor Mini Dome 1.3 Megapixel


Network Video Recorders, or just NVRs, are highly efficient specialized computers that are assigned to store all your camera recordings in a digital format to a disk, or a USB drive. Basically, they are like storage devices for your camera.

Network Video Recorder


This form of data transmission carries exceptional advantages. First of all, there is a dramatic shift in the industry towards wifi security cameras using IP as a mode of transmission. Everyone is shifting over to them since these security cameras offer so much. For starters, IP security cameras offer the highest resolution when it comes to cctv cameras. Surveillance has never been easier. SMP offers best wifi IP security cameras that offer high resolution surveillance and are arguably the best wifi security cameras for the job.

Secondly, these cameras use the minimum cables required. Virtually these cameras can be connected using just one cable. The IP security cameras also offer encryption, which ensures that your data is safe and tamper-free. These cameras are also versatile and provide ease of use to the owner. Managing their system and reviewing content is easy and these cameras are smart themselves. All these features help make these cameras the best wireless wifi IP security cameras your best choice if you’re looking for surveillance tools.

Pair these wireless security cameras with Network Video Recorders and you have yourself the perfect combo for surveillance and security. A high resolution wireless IP camera and an external storage. IP cameras and Network Video Recorders are the mainstay for security everywhere in the world.

BEST WIFI IP SECURITY CAMERAS – maximum security for your property.

Get the best wireless wifi IP security cameras for your house, office, or any other establishment. Enjoy high-grade, unparalleled security with these wifi security cameras alone or pair them up with other security essential that SMP has to offer. Just visit our products for more!

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