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Now with burglar alarm, you can now take control of your property’s security and that too within the comfort of your beloved couch.

Now with burglar alarm, you can now take control of your property’s security and that too within the comfort of your beloved couch.

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Burglar Alarms Importance

Burglar Alarm systems have become an essential mainstay for security in the 21st century. According to UK Police, homes with no security measures in place are five times more likely to be burgled than those with simple burglar alarms. A well-fitted and well-maintained burglar or intruder alarm system can make a huge difference and fitting one is a valuable investment.

Secure My Place offers an extended range of the best burglar alarms in the entire UK. Our range of security essentials covers everything ranging from home automation devices to CCTV cameras and alarm kits. Secure My Place believes in offering the very best in intruder security alarm systems and in providing excellent customer service.

Why do you need burglar alarms?

Research and ex-burglar confessions have taught us that burglars collect valuable information about a house before breaking-in. One of the key information included in this survey is whether the house has any home burglar alarm systems or not. A house with no such security measures is like a ‘sitting duck’, waiting for the worst to happen. Chances are that if you do not have a burglar alarm system installed in your house, you may already be on the watch for a possible break-in situation.

Unfortunately, there are no crime free areas in the UK. Recent data suggests that a well-installed, fully functional intruder alarm system serves as an excellent deterrent for burglars. In an online review, having home security systems is determined as the number one deterrent against burglaries, along with dogs of course.

A smart home equipped with an alarm system is the best way for you to protect your home and workplace. The very sight of an intruder alarm is often enough to put off any would-be criminals from carrying out their plans. Soon as a break-in is detected by motion sensors, the activation of the sounder forces the intruder to flee.

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What are the benefits of installing a burglar alarm

  • Intruder alarms keep your house safe, better than any security dog ever could.

  • Burglar alarms are extremely likely to dissuade a burglar from breaking-in.

  • 24/7 in-depth review and protection without taking any breaks.

  • Monitored alarm kits project a live video feed directly to your mobile phones.

  • Can deter a burglary before happening.

  • Integration with your home automation system provides you with a fully customised security experience along with the peace of mind you have been lacking

The installment and use of burglar alarms cannot be underrated. If you’re considering whether to install one in your home or business, contact us and we will guide you to a burglar alarm. Secure My Place offers a great range of security options that include burglar alarms and smart home security systems.

Find out more about the installation process, and the costs, by visiting our guide for burglar alarm installation.

Are Wired or Wireless Home Security Systems Better?

Once you’ve realised your need for a home security system and having seen how effective a burglar alarms can be, you will need to ask yourself another question; wired burglar alarm or a wireless one?

The answer to this question depends entirely upon your preferences. If you require an intruder alarm with the ability to communicate over long distances, hold strong communication signals, and ease of installation and use, then you might like the wireless variant better.

Wireless intruder alarm systems also make for a good choice when it is time to move in to your new house and you don’t have to deal with all that wire work for installation again.

Secure My Place Intruder Alarms

SMP burglar alarms offer unique functionality with an unparalleled security experience. Our intruder alarm systems are top-tier technological revolutions with just one purpose: to secure your house beyond comprehension.

Our products are reviewed by our security experts and loved by millions across the globe. No other alarm company has made a mark in UK like us and we are proud to say that our work is reflected in the reviews we get.

Advantages of buying SMP Intruder Alarm

  • Our Burglar alarms offer personalized security. More than a dozen pre-made burglar alarms designed especially for your type of property. Whatever your property type or need maybe – we have something for you!

  • Smart home automation. Each of our burglar alarm kit integrates with the home security services you already have. Our burglar alarm kits offer security modules and sensors that work with most types of home automation essentials.
    • Build your own alarm. Add or remove security modules such as motion sensors, fire sensors, leak sensors, sirens, and other such modules to enhance your security experience and mould it just the way you want to!

  • Wireless infallible security. Smart exclusion protocols make sure to exclude any false alarms caused by your pets etc. The efficient and trusted Jeweller radio communication method provides safe and reliable connection that is both tamper-free and encryption enabled. 

At Secure My Place, our experts are always at your disposal to answer any questions. Secure My Place offers price guarantee in all products having best after sales support. For the best security experience in all of UK, call at 03332400404.

Expert Choice At Secure My Place

Get a free Intruder Alarm quote from Secure My Place.

Get a free Intruder Alarm quote from Secure My Place.

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